April 28, 2009

*~Naruto Soundtrack Compilation~*

Edit: 04/28/09

Hi there :) This is the continuation of my previous post: *~Kyou Kara Maou! Soundtrack Compilation~*. Here I want to share with you my 'Naruto Soundtrack Compilation' that I've gather til now, but before anything else, I want to make some explanations:

1. I don't own Naruto neither its merchandising (Obligatory disclaimer)
2. The Naruto Soundtrack Compilation that I present to you was not only made from one web site.
3. Keeping in mind the previous point, note that I greatly thank all the people that uploaded all the files in those various web sites and made possible the gathering of this soundtrack compilation (I can't name everyone of them 'cause I don't have track of all the sites that I visited and the people who uploaded the files, sorry)
4. I only take credit for a) Taking the time to look for the Naruto soundtrack files diligently; b) Making sure to collect accurate info; c) Making sure to gather the best quality and complete files; d) Looking for scans, covers, back_covers, or images related to the respective files; e) Uploading all the files in a share folder; and f) All the time (lots, and lots of days) it took me to complete this soundtrack compilation.

As I said before, I strive to obtain an accurate and mostly complete compilation (scans and/or covers included for most of the files); a compilation 'cause for example, there are times that the download links of some of the files that are on the internet are broken or expired or something similar T_T; or on the other hand the files are very scattered all over the web ^^U

So, here's the link to the shared folder: Rynankh's Naruto Soundtrack Compilation.

****Please do not repost these links anywhere without permission neither plagiarize them. Thank you****

Edit: 04/28/09

The compilation includes...

1. Naruto Best Hit Collection

* Naruto Best Hit Collection 1 + covers
* Naruto Best Hit Collection 2 + covers

2. Naruto Movies Soundtrack

* Naruto Movies Original Soundtrack

** Naruto Movie 1 OST + scans/cover
** Naruto Movie 2 OST + covers
** Naruto Movie 3 OST + covers [New]

* Naruto Movies Soundtrack Collection

** Naruto Movie 1 - Daikatsugeki! Yukihime Ninpocho Dattebayo!! Theme Song - Home Sweet Home [YUKI] + covers
** Naruto Movie 2 - Daigekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chitei Iseki dattebayo OP Single - Ding! Dong! Dang! [TUBE] + covers
** Naruto Movie 3 - Dai Koufun! Mikadzuki Shima no Animal Soudou Datte Bayo! Main Theme Single - Tsubomi [MARIA] + cover

* Naruto Movie 1 Mini Film Konoha Annual Sports Festival Single - Gyu-Ru-Ru [Takeuchi Junko] + covers

* Naruto Movie 2 Extras Single - 'NARUTO Ondo' and 'OH! ENKA' [Takeuchi Junko ~Uzumaki Naruto] + cover

3. Naruto Original Soundtrack

* Naruto OST 1 + covers/back_cover
* Naruto OST 2 + covers
* Naruto OST 3 + covers

4. Naruto Soundtrack Collection

* Naruto OP01 Single - ROCKS [Hound Dog] + cover
* Naruto OP02 Single - Haruka Kanata [Asian Kung-fu Generation] + covers
* Naruto OP03 Single - Kanashimi wo Yasashisa ni [Little By Little] + covers
* Naruto OP04 Single - GO [FLOW] + covers
* Naruto OP05 Single - Seishun Kyousoukyoku [Sambomaster] + covers
* Naruto OP06 Single - No Boy No Cry [STANCE PUNKS] + cover
* Naruto OP07 Single - Namikaze Satellite [Snorkel] + scans
* Naruto OP08 Single - Remember [FLOW] + cover
* Naruto OP09 Single - Yura Yura [Hearts Grow] + cover
* Naruto ED01 Single - Wind [Akeboshi] + cover
* Naruto ED02 Single - Harmonia [RYTHEM] + covers
* Naruto ED03 Single - Viva Rock [Orange Range] + cover
* Naruto ED04 Single - Alive [Raiko] + covers
* Naruto ED05 Single - Imamade Nandomo [The Massmissile] + covers
* Naruto ED06 Single - Ryuusei [TiA] + covers
* Naruto ED07 Single - Mountain a Go Go Two [Captain Straydum] + covers
* Naruto ED08 Single - Hajimete Kimi to Shabetta [GAGAGA SP] + cover
* Naruto ED09 Single - Nakushita Kotoba [No Regret Life] + scans
* Naruto ED10 Single - Speed [Analog Fish] + covers
* Naruto ED11 Single - Soba ni Iru Kara [AMADORI] + cover
* Naruto ED12 Single - Parade [CHABA] + scans
* Naruto ED13 Single - Yellow Moon [Akeboshi] + cover
* Naruto ED14 Single - Pinocchio [Ore Ska BAND] + cover
* Naruto ED15 Single - Scenario [SABOTEN] + cover

5. Naruto - NARUTO ALL STARS + cover

6. Naruto Video Game ~Naruto Gekito Ninja Taisen~ Soundtrack 1 + image

7. Naruto [Dubbed Op] - 01 Rise! Tsuyosa

9. Naruto [Dubbed Ed] - 02 Rise! Tsuyosa (Instrumental)


As a side-note I would appreciate you let me know what you think about this n_n see ya¡

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  1. Thanks for having everything all in one place! Was wondering, though, is there a reason that 'Naruto Movie 2 - Daigekitotsu! Maboroshi no Chitei Iseki dattebayo OP Single - Ding! Dong! Dang! [TUBE] + covers' is only a text document?

  2. To Anonymous: mmm, thanks for pointing it out ^^U the problem is the file name is too long so when you're going to download it, the extension (.rar) doesn't appear so the file looks like an archive type without format T_T I'll reupload it with a shorter name to avoid this problem ^^UU

  3. Thanks! Much appreciated!